First dictation


It was a deal too good to be true so I had to cave in. I knew from the start we had somewhere else to go but then again I wasn’t sure where. Therefore I opened my book and had another look. In my book there are many things. To find the final destination is not one of them.

This bothered me no end until I realised I could not have pinpointed the end destination anyway. I was lost lost for words, lost for direction, lost to the world.

Now ordinarily this would have been a downer. But not today. I had a feeling something would come out of this, something I could not foresee, as per usual I could not look into the future without my eyes tearing.

It must have been the flow that day, I could not feel sad. I looked at all the things we had done, and I was happy. This, I felt, if the ways things should be. If only, I thought.

Now, I know how you feel about it. You want something more definite, don’t you. Well, I am sorry. This is, after all, my story. If you are not happy with my story, feel free to look elsewhere. This is about the day when the destination was unknown. And me, sitting there at the station, looking at all the departures, thinking hard.

It was an ordinary day. I felt the wind caress my face. I saw the leaves rustle in the trees. Still there even at the beginning of December. If I had been contemplating climate change, I would have been shocked at the leaves. But, today, that just felt normal. They were supposed to be there. Perhaps I, was supposed to be here?

The station was busy. Commuters, coming and going. Tourists, with their big eyes, and it would be curious camera pointing each and every where. I knew then, something I have since forgotten. It was a conviction, something that made me Carl that day. As it is now forgotten, I cannot tell you what it was. I can only tell you, that I somehow felt quite in tune with the surroundings. If the leaves were supposed to be in the trees, and I was supposed to be here, then all was well.

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