Cloud time


So we sit there and watch. The clouds are approaching, slowly sailing in from what seems like all directions. They are in no hurry. Their perception of time is quite different from our. We must be forever chasing our tails, building another block. Here, you see it all so clearly. The aspirations, pushing onwards. The little blue boats, dotting the sealine as a result. We could march in and in one fell swoop. but why? You know the cadence crime doesn’t pay? That is, as we both know, a lie. At least from an external perspective.

I could lie, obviously, and you wouldn’t know it from Adam. But the lying, or the crime, just doesn’t have the same taste any more. Not to say i feel guilt, that is an antiquated feeling anyway. No, it goes deeper.

I feel a need to be seen. Then, this mish-mockery in the dark is a curse. A punishment. It is devious, because it works. I start adjusting my behaviour, i start noticing things. As a rule, i have had no rules. They must spring from my own thoughts first. So i really need an incentive, as i am sure you can appreciate. No, the irony is not lost on me.

Nevertheless, we soldier on. Straight trenches, stocks to sell you know. Thus i genuflect towards the larger circle. The wider benefits. Or so i think, having na care in the world, but also not running any risk of failure. I can, after all, always push the reset button.

Let me tell you. In my world the concept of evil simply does not enter the equation. Sometimes it is being said time is an invention of man, to make sense of the incomprehensible. Bollocks. We all need time.

Evil, however, that is another coin from the mint.

So we sit here and watch.



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